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Emergency Repair

We provide 24/7 emergency services in any situation.

No matter the weather or the type of generator that requires repair, our team of factory-trained and certified, dedicated professionals can diagnose the problem and resolve it, ensuring that power and safety are restored.

Generator Installation

We install and maintain all manners of generators and generator parts for residential, commercial, industrial, agricultural, and commercial mobile applications.

We also offer tank-monitoring, which uses an app that allows our customers to remotely monitor and receive updates about the amount of fuel their generator has used and when the fuel needs replenished. This allows customers to maximize their generator’s efficiency and minimize maintenance.

Generator Preventative Maintenance & Inspections

We provide preventative maintenance custom tailored to your specific requirements for your system application for all brands of power products: residential, commercial, industrial, agricultural, and commercial mobile. In all types of Indiana weather, we ensure timely responses for repairs in order to ensure efficiency and safety for our customers.

During all our generator inspections, our team of factory-trained and certified, dedicated professionals check everything from A to Z to ensure your generator continues to run smoothly and efficiently. It’s important to conduct regular inspections because doing so allows us to address small problems that, if ignored, can shorten the lifespan of the generator.

To maximize safety and to keep your generator in good operating condition, it’s important to have your generator regularly serviced and maintained. Our team of knowledgeable, dedicated professionals take pride in providing outstanding, personalized service no matter the circumstances.

Design & Engineering

At Hoosier Power, LLC, we believe in providing the “right products for the right application.” We also believe in correct generator placement. Correct installation practice ensures that ergonomics; environment; National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) codes, NFPA 110 and NFPA 99; the National Electric Code (NEC); and local code enforcement are met according to Authority Having Jurisdiction (AHJ). In addition, UL Standards for applications, UL 2200, UL 1080, and UL 142, are strictly followed.

We cover all bases before installing machinery by making sure the generator can be safely placed and installed at a safe distance from the building (if outdoors). Specifications on distance are taken seriously to ensure any safety hazards are eliminated.

Our team of experts provide information about what type of generator will best suit your application. Cummins generators are designed to provide “reliable power for an unreliable world.”™

Hoosier Power, LLC is committed to providing customers with unsurpassed product support. Contact us for a free estimate today or ask us any service, product, or warranty questions you may have.

Remote Monitoring

PowerCommand Cloud™ is a remote monitoring system that allows residential or commercial customers to monitor their generator’s status. With PowerCommand Cloud™, you’ll always know exactly what your generator is doing or not doing via the secure connection of a Category 5 cable.

It connects you to your generator anywhere you are, allowing you to access information about the generator’s current operating status, its maintenance schedule, and more directly from your smartphone, tablet, or computer. When the generator experiences a change in status, PowerCommand Cloud™ sends the update to the cloud, which automatically forwards the information through email to any connected smart device. The status information is also shared with us through the generator, allowing us to give our customers a timely, 4-hour response.

We offer third-party cellular asset monitoring for events, faults, and notifications to Hoosier Power and the customer, which can provide you peace of mind.