Cummins Generators

As an exclusive, Channel One Partner with Cummins, Hoosier Power, LLC offers stand-by power products for your residential, commercial, industrial, agricultural, and commercial mobile needs.

We provide Cummins because they are based in Indiana, made in the USA, and are renowned for quality. Simply put, Cummins stand-by power products are built for reliability that inspire confidence and keep the lights on.

Standby Generators

Cummins designed their backup generators for quiet, powerful performance. With an advanced enclosure design, they are aesthetically appealing and are one of the quietest generators of their kind. In addition, Cummins PowerCommand Cloud™ remote monitoring or third-party cellular remote monitoring provides the owner and dealer an efficient way to monitor their generator 24/7, 365.

Standby generators provide emergency power when electricity from the grid is no longer available. Standby power is essential to any business that requires power to continue to operate, and they are becoming increasingly important for homeowners during severe weather or emergencies.

Commercial Mobile Generators (Portable)

Cummins portable generators allow owners to take electricity where they need it most, whether to a tailgate party or a mining site. Cummins offers commercial mobile generators, including hydraulic generators for mobile commercial use, rental applications, and construction that meet any power requirement.

The Cummins product line features generators for residential standby, mobile commercial applications, general RV, and marine.

Cummins engines and generators have led the way in reliable mobile power since the 1960s. Their engines and generators come with the largest service network in the industry and live up to the quality Cummins requires of all its products.


PTO Generators

The Cummins Protec PTO™ generator models are created for mobile emergency vehicle use and offer both high performance and long-life. Their features include mounting configurations, bi-directional rotation with radial fan, and remote regulators. PTO generators from Cummins are available between 12KW and 25KW.

Generator Parts & Accessories

We offer generator parts for a variety of generator brands and accessories for residential, commercial, industrial, agricultural, and commercial mobile backup generators. Our backup accessories enhance standby generators’ performance with maximized convenience and simplified maintenance.

One such accessory, Cummins PowerCommand Cloud™, allows commercial and residential owners to connect with their generator off-site while on any smart device or computer so they can monitor problems and power levels. This new system will also alert us to problems when they occur so we can respond.